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Since 1970, BIOCON has been an independent leader in the production and marketing of enzymes. It has vast experience in the analysis and application of enzymes in industry, always offering its customers the necessary cooperation and flexibility to successfully carry out their projects.

BIOCON offers an extensive range of more than 100 enzymatic products designed for diverse industrial sectors such as animal feed manufacturing, the brewing and malting industry, food products, beverages, milk products, juices and concentrates, enology, olive oil, textile finishing, leather tanning, detergents and waste treatment.

BIOCON produces its products in modern manufacturing facilities that operate according to GMP standards and the ISO 9002 quality system. It also has refrigerated warehouses with the capacity to store up to 130 tons of finished goods.
Its analysis and applications laboratory, with a staff of 7 technicians, is equipped to perform the enzymatic analyses of 40 different types of enzymes and to perform application testing for juice extraction, animal feed analysis, beer manufacturing, olive oil extraction, and textile and detergent testing.

In a constant process of evaluation and selection, BIOCON maintains contracts with fermentation firms throughout the world in order to supply the best enzymes for every application. BIOCON is therefore always prepared to offer the best solution to its customers, based on the highest-quality products and service.

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